Wine Art Estates

The Wine Art Estate vineyard lies at the foot of Mount Pangaion - the ancient home of the mythical Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine; Dionysos. Today, Wine Art Estate produces inspiring wines adapted to, and a reflection of, the unique micro-climate of the Drama region. ‘Techni’ translates to ‘the art of’ and ‘Alipias’, ‘getting rid of sorrows’ and thus accurately describes the appeasement these fresh whites and well balanced red deliver.

Wine Art Estates Wines

Palivou Estate

Palivou Estate is located in one of the most well known wine-producing regions of Greece - Nemea, Peloponnese. Here, viticulture has continued non-stop for 3,500 years and the Palivou story is of such a long tradition that no one in the family can remember when the first vine was planted. They specialize on Agiorgitiko, which is one of the main red Greek varietals, and make vibrant rosés, fresh reds and deep, complex age-worthy reds.

Palivou Estate Wines

Moraitis Estate

This fourth generation winery on the island of Paros, cultivates distinctive and indigenous varieties using traditional methods of vine growing and cultivation. By combining modern winemaking techniques to generational practices, they reveal the distinctive characteristics of the coastal Paros terroir for the world. The Moraitis winery is a certified organic winery and has brought this overlooked PDO region to the spotlight for all to enjoy.

Moraitis Estate Wines

Gavalas Winery

Gavalas is the oldest producer (in continuous production) on the island of Santorini where the family has been making wine for about 300 years. The winery is located in the traditional town of Megalochori in the center of the island and produces modern wines from Assyrtiko but also produces wines of rare indigenous Santorini varietals keeping them from going extinct. They offer a diverse array of high quality wines and keep the traditional spirit of Santorini wine making alive.

Gavalas Winery Wines

La Tour Melas

Set on 27 acres surrounded by ancient, untouched oak forests, overlooking the Aegean Sea in central Greece, La Tour Melas is making unforgettable, award-winning wines in a very special way. La Tour Melas uses biodynamic and organic methods treating the vineyard as a single organism. This balances the interrelationship of soil, plants and animals as a self-nourishing system with minimal external and artificial input. Flocks of geese and sheep graze the vineyard in winter to keep weeds under control, and bees begin pollinating the surrounding flowers in spring. In harmony with the astronomical planting calendar, artisan wine growers choose the precise phase of the moon for cultivating, pruning, harvesting, and even filling bottles and racking barrels.

La Tour Melas Wines

Domaine Porto Carras

This iconic winery has been producing wine since the 1960’s. It is located in Halkidiki in the PDO region of the Slopes of Meliton. Domaine Porto Carras is the largest organic winery in Greece and well-known for quality and exceptional care of the vineyard. Historically, they are acclaimed for planting the first vineyards of Malagousia and a vineyard recognized for viticulture experimentation; currently 23 varietals are being grown in the vineyard.

Porto Carras Wines

Oenodos Winery

At Oenodos, everything begins at and focused on, the vines. Skilled winemakers pay special attention to all aspects: from careful selection of grapes, to the application of the most modern scientific methods and techniques of vinification. Thus, they create wines distinguished by their quality, freshness, character and appeal.

Zoinos Wines


Take a look at our sparkling wines. Zoinos Winery is located in northwestern Greece and uses innovative growing and winemaking techniques, while maintaining the original character of the local varietals. The high elevation region has calcareous soils with steep slopes, which provides cool temperatures and good drainage. Both of these natural sparkling have a fresh acidity and a fruity aftertaste.

Zoinos Wines