R&R Selections was founded with the idea that high quality, fine wines from Greece should be widely available in the U.S. market.

We started with our home state of Texas because we noticed that the best of Greek wines were scarce in Texas; therefore, the average wine consumer was missing out on one of the world’s most ancient and enchanting wine regions and history. Three family founders established R&R Selections in 2015, and have since distributed these superior wines throughout Texas, now expanding across the Southeastern U.S. and beyond. We source wines that represent a unique terroir, wide-ranging and rare indigenous varietals, and above all else, superior quality and value. Our portfolio is always evolving to encompass new discoveries and trends, but we have a solid core offering and a range of price points, while keeping the American palate in mind. Our commitment as a company is to supply a consistent, quality portfolio to actively support individual markets in partnership with our distributors so that we can bring the best of Greek wines to everyone!

Meet the Team

Stephen Roussos

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, and spending summers at the family home in Santorini, Stephen is no stranger to the quality and diversity of the country’s wines. Pursuing a PhD in Biology led to fieldwork all over Greece, which also led to the discovery of some of the country’s best wineries. After completing studies at Texas Tech University, Stephen moved to Dallas and taught Ecology at the University of North Texas. Observing a lack of high quality Greek wines in Texas over the 14 years he has lived here, importing Greek wine became an intriguing endeavor that turned into a full-time obsession. Stephen runs sales and operations for R&R and is always happy to talk about Greek wines.

Caraline Roussos

Caraline is an advocate of a healthy Mediterranean diet, and that includes wine! With a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science from Texas Tech, she has conducted university research on the health properties of resveratrol (a component found in wine) and taught university classes on nutrition. Caraline first fell in love with Stephen, then fell in love with Greek wines. Combining her passions, Caraline educates our distributors and customers about Greek wine and has honed some excellent go to market strategies that she would love to share.

Patricia Redmond Trotter

With 20+ years of experience in the corporate world including marketing and sales development - and also a Texas Tech grad - Patricia provides the financial and business structure for the company. Quickly captivated by the high quality, minerality and complexity of the Greek wines that Caraline and Stephen (daughter and son-in-law) would share, and from that intrigue evolved a business plan with all three founders ready to embark on a mission of making the best of Greek wines available to Texas and the rest of the U.S.